Skull Emoji

While the skull emoji conveys a message of metaphorical death, it is more commonly used for humor in the current slang. You will also find some people calling it the dead emoji, but the actual skull emoji meaning can be confusing. So, here are some specifics on “what does the skull emoji mean?”

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Embarrassment Emoji

This is one of the top reasons why someone might spam the emoji skull symbol to the realistic skull emoji in the conversation. It will show that the person is so embarrassed that he feels a bit dead inside and can’t believe that he made that big of a mistake

While the context is still humorous, people prefer to add a personalized touch with the cursed skill emoji variation. So, there is no point in getting serious over skull emojis, as they are primarily associated with fun and not agony. 

Hysterical Laughter Emoji

The funny skull emoji can be presented as a substitute for the laughing emoji, showing that the person has died from laughing non-stop. If you get this response after a funny remake, know that this dead face emoji is being used to appreciate the comment. So, the next time you see the dead emoji face, manage the conversation accordingly for an ideal response. 

Frustration Emoji

The skull face emoji here can also be used to present frustration about a particular topic. If you’ve not said anything funny or you’re in a formal situation, it might be used to show frustration. It all comes down to the context, and the dead skull emoji can mean a variety of things. You will have to judge the conversation before making the final decision. 

Whether you’re using an iPhone or an Android, this emoji is consistent on all keyboards. You won’t have to skull emoji copy and paste this symbol from other platforms. Even if you’re looking for unique variations, the standard skull emoji copy will serve you perfectly. All variations are pretty similar, and there are not many differences in the cursed skull emoji variations. 

For this reason, your only focus should be on “What does skull emoji mean?” and not on the minor details related to the design of this symbol. Hopefully, the information above will provide you with more perspective on the interpretation of this emoji. Make sure to double-check the interpretation a few times by asking the next person to avoid confusion at first. 

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