😠 Angry Emoji

The most common angry emoji presents a yellow face with the eyebrows pointing downwards in the middle. It shows extreme outrage and irritation while underscoring the discomfort or dissatisfaction about the subject at hand.Β 

You’ll find the angry emoji variations to be pretty extensive, with the list including several distinctions from red angry emoji to angry crying emoji and much more. Here are some of the more obscure types of angry emoji faces to help you better navigate a sticky situation.Β 

😑 😠 😀 πŸ‘Ώ πŸ’’ πŸ–• 😾 🀬

Angry Love Emoji

The angry love emoji presents an angry emoji face that shows disappointment while still showing affection towards the other parties involved. Most people find this variation to be cute and often use this emoji when texting their partners.Β 

So, if you have a disagreement or want to mildly discourage certain actions, the angry love emoji is for you. People sometimes call it the angry kiss emoji, and you will find it on most of the latest devices. Otherwise, you always have the option of using the angry emoji copy and paste technique to add this symbol to your collection.Β 

Angry Cursed Emoji

The angry cursed emoji or the angry laughing emoji shows extreme situations where you’ve beyond furious about a particular topic. While some people associate this emoji angry face with memes and humor, it primarily presents rage that is beyond your control. This statement is especially true for the Facebook angry emoji variations.

Angry Devil Emoji

The angry devil emoji is one of the more unique angry emojis, and it shows that you’re planning on taking revenge or doing something equally as frustrating to the person who is making you angry. It shows devilish traits while also underscoring your dissatisfaction with the situation at hand.Β 

This angry Facebook emoji symbol can also be used as a warning to the person who is making you angry, and they should be on their guard. So, be sure to rely on this symbol accordingly when you need to teach someone a lesson about conducting themselves.Β 

Most of the time, this symbol will be used among friends and in casual conversations. As far as formal conversations are concerned, people will rely more on the red angry face variation to tackle a serious situation. So, if you need an emoji to express yourself among your colleagues, try using the red angry face emoji.Β 

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